Belgium Super League 5th round

KWK Kortrijk – CNT Tournai

This game would determine the leader of the competition after 5 rounds. CNT was leading with the maximum of points, Kortrijk could become at the same height, although they played one game less. The game was also a battle between the top 3 in the goal scorers standing. It was Mael Leseney, the current top scorer of CNT who opened the score. The equalizer followed only 18 seconds later: a penalty scored by Michiel D’hooghe. With 49 seconds to play, Jan Nel netted the 2-1. Michiel D’hooghe scored his second on of the evening for 3-1. Hector Droulez made sure CNT was staying in the game. After the 3-2, KWK netted three more goals, resulting in a 6-2 standing halfway. Michiel D’hooghe scored his second penalty for a 7-2 standing. The second goal of Mael Leseney resulted in a comeback of CNT, with a 7-5 standing after three quarters. Things got exiting when Guillame Kubat scored the 7-6. After the 8-6 of Samy Labreg, both teams couldn’t net any goals, resulting in 8-6 final standing. Currently Michiel D’hooghe and Mael Leseny are tied at the top of goal scorer standing with 19 goals

Final Result: KWK Kortrijk 8-6 CNT Tournai

Goal scorers KWK: Michiel D’hooghe (3), Florian Iordan (2), Jan Nel (1), Tom Nel (1), Samy Labreg (1)

Goal scorers CNT: Mael Leseney (2), Guillaume Kubat (1), Jules Keunebrock (1), Mehdi Sidhoum (1), Hector Droulez (1).


WZK Wase – KAZSC Antwerpen

Another weekend, another hard game for WZK. The first 6 minutes they give the impression KAZSC could be matched, with a 2-3 standing. But Antwerpen managed three more goals in last two and a half minute, giving a 2-6 standing. WZK managed only 1 goal in the second quarter, KAZSC netted 8. Same playbook in the third quarter: 1 goal from WZK, 6 netted by Antwerpen. Last quarter was a 0-6 standing for Antwerp, resulting in a hard 4-25 result. Worth noticing is that 10 out of 13 players managed to score for KAZSC.

Final standing WZK Wase 4 – 25 KAZSC Antwerpen

Goal scorers WZK: Paul Ariza (2), Matthias Onbekent (1), Thomas D’Hooghe (1)

Goal Scorers KAZSC: Pieterjan D’Hooghe (5), Greg Heirman (4), Elko Van den Broucke (3), Luka Pannecoucke (3), Kevin Vervoort (2), Igor Maksymiuk (2), Bo Junior Tignol (1), Niels Bus (1), Nick Poelmans (1)


TZK Tielt-MZV Eeklo

Tielt is still looking for their first points of the season and was hoping to make it a close game with MZV Eeklo. But luck hasn’t been on their side so far. Pretty early in the game they lost a key player with a broken nose and soon after a second player with 3 major fouls.  Eeklo took advantage of that and was able to bring it home fairly easy. 8-14 was the final result.

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Leuven Aquatics – RSC Mechelen (0-5, 0-5, 0-5, 4-6)

Mechelen was hungry after their loss to Mouscron 2 weeks ago and their postponed game from last week against Tielt. The first 3 quarters Mechelen made no mistakes in defense and played a very well controlled game in offence. Resulting in a 0-15. The last quarter Leuven was finally able to break through a couple times, finishing the game with a score of 4-21.

Final standing Leuven Aquatics 4 – 21 RSC Mechelen

Goal scorers Leuven: Steffen Claes 1, Nathan Dompas 1, Maarten Dompas 1, Hannes Van Kerckhove 1.

Goal scorers Mechelen: William Wittevrongel 3, Sven Publie 3, Simon Van der Jeugt 3, Sepp Verstraeten 1, Lucas Gervais 1, Vladyslav Dulin 2, Nikola Pavlicevic 4, Eben Lemmens 1, Junior Verschuren 1, Sammy Claes 2.


ROSC Ostend – ENL La Louvière (2-2, 2-3, 1-3, 2-2)

The youngsters from Ostend played a good game against ENL and were almost able to surprise the team of Kevin Chavepeyer. Ostend was able to take the lead in the beginning of the first quarter, but La Louvière always found an answer to come back. The second quarter it was ENL with the initiative, but twice their lead wasn’t enough to break ROSC. The 3rd quarter however, the wolves from La Louvière were finally able to get the lead they were looking for thanks to Numa Matthys and Logan Vitrant. Ostend Didn’t give in and kept on battling until the very. It wasn’t enough unfortunately, but a good result for the debuting team.

Nicolas Goffin (here seen against RDM) scored 4 goals this weekend.

Final Score: ROSC Ostend 7-10 ENL La Louvière

Goal scorers Ostend: Bram Verschelde (2), Pepijn Walijn (2), Miel Vandaele (1), Pieter-Jan Wellecan (1), Tom Callebaut (1)

Goal Scorers La Louvière: Nicolas Goffin (4), Yannick Leemans (2), Numa Matthys (2), Tanguy Godeau (2)