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Belgium Super league: third round

Super League third round: Kortrijk stays leader, Mouscron beats Mechelen.

Both Kortrijk and Tournai won their third-round game, resulting in keeping the maximum of 9 points. Antwerpen had an easy night against Tielt with a 9-20 win and La Louvière was able to book their second win with an 8-14 victory against Leuven. The top game was Mouscron-Mechelen, where two title contestants were looking each other in the eyes. It ended in a 10-8 victory for the home team. Read all about it below!

ROSC Oostende – KWK Kortrijk

Kortrijk opened a 0-2 lead, but Oostende came back to 2-3. 18 seconds before the end of the first quarter, current top scorer Niels Van der Linden netted the 2-4. Two quick goals of Michiel D’hooghe, who also scored the 0-1 resulted in a 2-6 lead. The two top scorers of the Super League managed 15 goals each so far. Kortrijk managed 4 more goals in the second quarter, Oostende netted two, resulting in 4-10 halfway. Oostende didn’t manage to score in the second half of the game. Kortrijk scored another 6 goals in the third and the fourth quarter, leading to a 4-22 final standing. Michiel scored one more in the third quarter, Niels managed to score one in the third quarter and 2 more in the final quarter, keeping his top spot in top scorer standing with 18 goals.

Final score: 4-22 (2-4, 2-6, 0-6, 0-6)

Goal scorers Oostende:

Bram Verschelde (2), Pepijn Wallijn (1), Tom Callebaut (1)

Goal scorers Kortrijk:

Niels Van der Linden (4), Michiel D’hooghe (4),  Jan Nel (3), Samy Labreg (3), Robin Claeys (3), Ward Gheysen (2), Tom Nel (1), Louis Brodeur (1), Florian Iordan (1)


CNT Tournai – Wase WZK

We know Wase would have a very difficult season, with a lot of players who have left the team. If you play against Tournai who wants to take a third win in a row, there might be trouble ahead. Tournai won the first quarter with 5-0. The second and third quarter went to CNT with 3-0, resulting in 11-0 after three quarters. WZK didn’t manage to score, Tournai netted another four in the last quarter. Mael leseney (6) and Bastien Brismee (3) scored 9 of the 15 goals in total.

Final score: 15-0 (5-0, 3-0,3-0, 4-0)

Goal scorers Tournai:

Mael leseney (6), Bastien Brismee (3), Alexandre Kubat (1), Justin Kubat (1), Jules Keunebrock (1), Albert Minet (1), Hector Droulez (1), Sandor Hibrek (1)


Tielt TZK – KAZSC Antwerpen

KAZSC was looking to snatch up a win after the draw against Mouscron in the previous round. However, it was Mike Gadeyne for TZK who opened the score. KAZSC scored three times, but Mike was having a good night, always keeping TZK within the one goal marge, scoring the 2-3 and 3-4. Pieterjan D’hooghe scored the 3-5 with only 30 seconds left. In the second quarter Antwerpen quickly extended their lead with 3 goals. The 4-8 was scored by who else than Mike. If there was any doubt left of who would win the game, KAZSC took it away in the third quarter with a 2-7 standing. In the fourth quarter Jay Van Hoey scored three more goals, resulting in 6 goals, the same as Mike Gadeyne. Also notable is the performance of two youngsters: Pieterjan D’hooghe (3) and Luka Pannecoucke (4) managed to score quiet some goals, in still their first season for KAZSC.


Final Score: 9-20 (3-5, 1-3, 2-7, 2-5)

Goal scorers Tielt:

Mike Gadeyne (6), Brent Wyffels (2), Sebastien De Ruyck (1)

Goal scorers Antwerpen:

Jay Van Hoey (6), Luka Pannecoucke (4), Pieterjan D’hooghe (3), Bruno Martins Patiño (2), Nick Poelmans (2), Kevin Vervoort (2), Elko Van den Broucke (1)


RDM Mouscron – RSCM Mechelen

The top game of the 3rd round was between Mouscron and Mechelen. Both teams are contestants for the title and were looking to stay a top undefeated.

The game started rather disastrous for Mechelen, looking at a 3-goal lead for RDM after the first quarter. In the beginning of the 2nd quarter was Mechelen still unable to respond to the counter plays from Mouscron. At a certain moment, Mouscron had a 7-1 lead over Mechelen and the game looked like it was already over. By the end of the 2nd quarter Mechelen finally started to find their rhythm and were able to come back to 7-3. That come back was pushed through in the 3rd quarter as well, but every time Mechelen found the net for a 2 goal difference, Mouscron was able to score again to keep the 3 goal lead. In the last quarter it looked like Mechelen was gaining the upper hand and got the opportunities to go for the equalizer, but mistakes on crucial moments in front of goal ensured the victory for RDM and a 10-8 final score.

Nathan Quoirez (RDM) scored 4 goals against Mechelen (©️@rudy Dekeyser)
Nathan Quoirez (RDM) scored 4 goals against Mechelen (©️rudy Dekeyser)

Final Score: 10-8 (3-0, 4-3, 3-4, 0-1)

Goal scorers Mouscron:

Nathan Quoirez 4, Rostyslav Naumchyk 2, Alexander Grman 2, Julien Donche 1, Hiliane Zaoui 1.

Goal scorers Mechelen:

Nikola Pavlicevic 2, Vladyslav Dulin 2, Sven Publie 1, Sammy Claes 1, Arne Mannaerts 1, Gerry Junior Verschuren 1.


Leuven Aquatics – ENL La Louvière

After 2 losses, Leuven was still looking for their first points this season. It looked for a while that they would keep the three points at home on Saturday. After 2 quarters it was still a close game against La Louvière, which is the stronger team on paper, with a 5-5 standing. In the 3rd quarter ENL was able to break through for the first time and take the lead, 6-8. In the last quarter Leuven still didn’t give in and halfway through, Lukas dekeyser was able to close the gap again with his 3rd goal of the evening. 8-9. Unfortunately for Leuven, after that Numa Matthys and Tanguy Godeau had enough of it and stepped on the gas pedal, scoring 3 and 2 goals respectively to finish the game with an 8-14 score.

Final Score: 8-14 (2-1, 3-4, 1-3, 2-6)

Goal scorers Leuven:

Lukas Dekeyser 3, Joris Leemen 2, Ben Vandoren 2, Steffen Claes 1.

Goal scorers La Louvière:

Numa Matthys 6, Tanguy Godeau 3, Logan Vitrant 2, Julien Vreux 1, Alexandre Bouche 1, Yannick leemans 1.