Belgium Super league: second round

Antwerp and Mouscron share points. Kortrijk takes the lead.


The second round had some promising fixture, with Antwerpen facing Mouscron and Mechelen playing their first game of the new season against Eeklo. Kortrijk would be looking to keep the maximum of points facing Wase while La louvière played their first home game against Tielt. Read all about the second round below:


KWK Kortrijk – Wase WZK

Kortrijk played their first home game of the new season against Wase. It was a slow start of the game, with Jan Nel scoring the first goal halfway the first quarter, quickly equalized by Bob D’eer. After that, KWK shifted not one, but two gears higher and never looked back. In the last three minutes of the first quarter, KWK managed to score four more goals, resulting in a 5-1 lead. After that, Michiel D’hooghe and Niels Van der Linden were battling out who would be at the top of the goal scorer table. Both players managed 6 goals in the first game against Leuven. Michiel scored another 6 goals against Wase, Niels netted 8, resulting in being the current leader with a total of 14 goals.

Final result: 22-5 (5-1, 6-1, 5-3, 6-0)

Goal scorers Kortrijk: Niels Van der Linden (8), Michiel D’Hooghe (6), Jan Nel (2), Robin Claeys (2), Louis Brodeur (1), Florian Iordan (1), Ward Gheysen (1), Younos Chedad (1)

Goal scorers Wase: Bob D’Haeseleer (1), Stijn Jansseune (1), Paul Ariza (1), Thomas D’Hooghe (1), Bob D’Eer (1)


ENL La Louvière – TZK Tielt

After the loss against Mouscron, ENL was looking for a first victory this season. Logan Vitrant and Numa Matthys scored quickly, resulting in a 2-0 lead after two minutes. After that, there was not much action, Numa scored the 3-0 and Tielt scored their first goal with only 5 seconds to spare. Both teams scored quickly in the beginning of the second quarter. The last minute before half time was the big Tanguy Godeau show, scoring 3 goals in just over a minute. ENL and TZK were both able to net two goals in the third quarter, resulting in a 9-4 stand after three times. A lot of faults were committed in the fourth quarter. Julien Vreux found the net twice, resulting in the 11-4 final standing.

Final Result: 11-4 (3-1, 4-1, 2-2, 2-0)

Goal scorers La louvière: Tanguy Godeau (4), Numa Matthys (3), Logan Vitrant (2), Julien Vreux (2)

Goal scorers Tielt: Brent Wyffels (1), Mick Gadeyne (1), Herbert De Grande (1), Stan Callewaert (1)


RSC Mechelen – MZV Eeklo

Mechelen started their season 1 week later because of the uneven teams in the Belgian Super league. 1 team is by every competition round.

Mechelen had not too much troubles with MZV, cruising to a deserved victory. The team from Eeklo tried to hold on and made it a game worth following during the first 2 quarters. But they never got any closer than a 3 goal difference (8-5). In the second half Mechelen continued to widen the gap and eventually won relatively easy. (23-10)

Final result: 23-10 (5-2, 5-3, 7-3, 6-2)

Goals RSCM: Sven Publie 5, William Wittevrongel 3, Sammy Claes 3, Vladyslav Dulin 3, Arne Mannaerts 3, Junior Verschuren 2, Andres D’Hooghe 2, Simon Van der jeugt 1, Sepp Verstraeten 1.

Goals MZV: Tuur Damman 3, Jonas Trenson 3, Nathan Delmeire 2, Warre Basslé 1, Jente Dondeyne 1.


Antwerp – Mouscron

The game of the weekend was between AZSC and RDM. Both teams had serious ambitions at the beginning of the season, and this was the first real test for both teams. In a full Wezenberg stadium both teams struggled to score goals. Antwerp controlled the game for 3 quarters and had a lead of 3 goals (5-2) halfway the 3rd. Mostly thanks to man of the match and goalie, Dries Stoot, who was able to block 2 penalties. The drama unfolded in the last quarter, where Mouscron got back in the game and Alexander Grman scored the 5-6 at 23 seconds from the end. AZSC had to play all or nothing at this point and went in with the goalie as an extra man. Elko Van den Broucke was the free man, but his first shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. Now with only 9 seconds left on the clock and still with a 7 on 6 situation, the corner ball was played again to Elko, and this time the home crowd exploded as he scored the 6-6.

Final result: 6-6 ( 1-1, 2-1, 2-1, 1-3)

Goal scorers AZSC: Jay Van Hoey 3, Bruno Martins, 2, Elko Van den Broucke 1.

Goal scorers RDM: Rostyslav Naumchyk 2, Alexander Grman 1, Nathan Quoirez 1, Julien Donche 1, Amir Dedhari 1.

“Jay Van Hoey” from AZSC scored 3 goals vs RDM last weekend. – © Foto’s Alain


Tournai – Leuven

Due to technical difficulties we’re not able to consult the digital score sheet.

Final result: 13-4