Belgium Super League: Fourth round

Only three fixtures this weekend. Tournai keeps top of the league with the maximum of 12 points after a victory against ROSC Oostende. RDM Mouscron and ENL La louvière booked easy victories against MZV Eeko and WZK Wase.


ENL La Louvière – Wase WZK

Another though weekend for WZK. ENL scored after just 30 seconds and netted five more in the first quarter. Same one-way water polo in the second quarter, resulting in 10-0 halfway. WZK managed to score on goals in the third and fourth quarter, but ENL scored 9 more. Final standing: 19-2

La louvière – Wase 19-2 (6-0,4-0, 6-1,3-1)

Goal scorers La louvière : Numa Matthys (4), Hugo Bouche (3), Robin Leemans (3) Tanguy Godeau (2), Logan Vitrant (2), Yannick Leemans (2), Louis Brasseur (2), Sami Hassaini (1)

Goal scorers Wase: Paul Ariza (1), Simon De Greef (1)


RDM Mouscron – MZV Eeklo

In the first half of the first quarter, both teams had troubles finding the back of the net. The next two minutes, RDM managed to score 4 goals in a little over 2 minutes. MZV scored the 4-1 in the beginning of the second quarter, followed by 3 goals of RDM. The last minute and 15 seconds of the second quarter were exiting, with 4 goals, 2 on each side, resulting in a 9-3 score halfway. The third quarter started like the second one: with a goal from Jonas Trenson. RDM scored 5 more goals, 14-4 after three quarters. Same story at the beginning of the fourth quarter: first goal socred by Jonas Trenson. RDM netted 4 goals in the remaining time of the fourth quarter, MZV one. Final standing: 18-6.

Despite 3 goals from Jonas Trenson (MZV), RDM took an easy win (18-6). Credits: rudy Dekeyser

Mouscron – Eeklo 18-6 (4-0, 5-3, 5-1, 4-2)

Goal scorers Mouscron: Alexander Grman (3), Nathan Quoirez (3), Maxime Desloovere (2), Amir Dhedari (2), Julien Donche (2), Valentin Roussel (2), Julien Reinquin (2),  Rostyslav Naumchyk (1), Hiliane Zaoui (1)

Goal scorers Eeklo: Jonas Trenson (3), Tuur Damman (2), Wout Mathys (1)


CNT Tournai – ROSC Oostende

Due to a malfunctioning game sheet, we don’t have many details. CNT booked his 4th victory with a 12-8 win, staying atop of the league. They played four home matches against the smaller teams. Next week we will know more about how far CNT can get this season with an away game against KWK Kortrijk, battling for the first place.